The bakery has made different products for individuals on special diets. On one of our flyers, it states Special Food for Special People. This is a motto that we try to live up to daily. There has been very few items that have been turned away.

A specialty item that we have made for the last two years is a product that we call a LOWCZKI which is our version of a low fat paczki. It has approximately 4 gm of fat and 300 calories. We have also made a gluten free, egg free, milk free, no added sugar cake. So as you can see, we try to make items for all requests.

The products in the bakery can all be made dairy free and/or egg free if requested. If you have any problems or questions, ask me at one of the e-mails and I will try and get back to you. I will not get to answer all questions but will try to get to most of them. If you have not heard from me in 2 weeks, please ask again.

(We are not a gluten free bakery but take all reasonable cautions to make the products gluten free.)

White Rice
Flax Seed
Mixed Fruit
Raisin, Apple, Carrot
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chip
Mixed Fruit
Butter Tart Squares
Pizza Shells (fully cooked)
Pie Crusts

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