"I can take a sandwich to work for the first time and not have to toast it!" from a person with celiac commenting on the gluten-free bread.

"I feel that I can come in and be myself and relax!" from a customer after the death of a friend.

"Can I give you a big hug to say thank you for what you have done for me and my family! " from a customer whose son was deathly ill and on a very specialized diet.

"Can you make ?????????" from hundreds of customers who request many different items depending upon their illness and allergies.

When Doug and Barb Romanek opened Nana's Bakery in 1997, they really had no idea it would develop into the place it has become today. They followed their customers' requests to develop an ever changing product line.

New product development as well as customer service are probably the two biggest priorities that has set Nana's Bakery apart from other bakeries. By taking nutrition courses and having a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph, Doug is constantly trying to figure out what works with what concerning the chemistry of food and replacing certain ingredients (because of allergies or diabetes) and all along ensuring that the taste is not compromised.

Doug makes it all seem so simple that we, at Nana's Bakery, don't think he realizes what he accomplishes everday. It is very gratifying to see people finally getting something they haven't had in a long while because of their allergies or illnesses.
It started with a customer asking him if he could do items that were milk free. Doug sent her to see a dietitian he had heard had done work in that field and hoped she could help the customer.

The dietitian came in to see what Nana's Bakery was about and talked to Doug about the customer and what items he was making. She asked if she could have one of the recipes that he was using to analyze it for nutritional information. Doug gave her one without hesitation and a relationship grew through which they would develop recipes and conduct classes for the Diabetic Wellness Group for the next 2 years.

All along Doug and Nana's Bakery was developing a growing clientele who needed diabetic food items.

Within the year, Doug was making all his own sugar-free items and turning away very few diabetic requests.
Things began to change when a customer asked if Doug could make gluten-free bread. Knowing what gluten was, he said "Sure I will give it a try." What followed was the making of gluten-free bread for celiac people and the development of more items for them.

From then on, the business grew quickly and Nana's Bakery became known as the bakery for people with problems.

In a Windsor Star Newspaper article, it stated that Doug feels that every little boy and girl deserves a cookie and so that became his goal.
Nana's Bakery now carries dietetic, gluten-free, milk-free and egg-free items on a daily basis and will try not to turn away any requests. Doug has made wheat-free, egg-free, milk-free and sugar-free cakes to low-fat brownies and cookies. There has been very few items that he has not made or tried.

Along with his baking, he still finds time to go to schools to talk to different grades about nutrition and special diets. He also continues his work with dietetic groups and started work with a cardiac wellness group.

It is a very homey place to come and have a relaxing cup of coffee or bowl of soup - but be careful! You might become a regular!

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